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Bi.Lab has a technical know-how in various engineering fields, in particular in mechanical design, manufacturing, PLC / HMI / Robots Software Development, Vision System, Motion Control. We also gained experience in the use of laser technology and piezo systems implemented in the field of ultrasound systems and digital printing.

Thanks to the most advanced virtual prototyping techniques, Bi.Lab is able to design, develop and manufacture turnkey automatic machines, robotized cell and to propose itself as a partner for the development of new high-tech products and engineering services.

  • Laser
  • Digital printing
  • Piezo devices
  • Assembly
  • Automotive

Autonomation &




Bi.Lab melts multidisciplinary competence in engineering, software and manufacturing. Our team has been continously integrated with young and talented engineers in a dynamic organization with a full and friendly command of the new engineering technologies and working methods.

Our mission is to go beyond the wall of " it has always been thus " creating innovative solutions, often patented, to translate into industrial solutions through innovative and highly integrated with the most advanced virtual prototyping techniques design methods

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