In the Bi.lab vision the products and the related processes are inextricably linked Bi.lab has integrated multidisciplinary expertise in engineering and manufacturing.

The Bi.lab mission is to create innovative solutions, often patented, and develop them into industrial applications through innovative design methods and the most advanced virtual prototyping techniques.

Bi.lab provides turn key supply of:


Special machines I 4.0 compliant


Prototyping of mechanical I 4.0 compliant


Semiautomatic or full Automatic assembly lines I 4.0 compliant


Automatic acceptance benches I 4.0 compliant


Automatic test systems I 4.0 compliant


Technical support


After sales assistance


CAE engineering service


Piezoelectric device developement

All in one module

All in one module for El.En laser unit. Includes laser source, voyager and laser head. Easy to install, ready to work.

Machine for laser process on material reels

Machine for marking, cutting and finishing of fabrics, plastic films, paper and labels. Integrates laser system and vision system

Robotic cell

Robotic cell for laser burr removal in moulded components of complex shape and double high speed spindle custom mill, dual end effector with automatic quick changeover

High acceleration laser plotter module

optimized design for challenging dynamic (8g acceleration), fully developed by Bilab to ensure low vibrations and high accuracy

High Speed laser machine

Special paper and film finishing application On fly cut, high production (150 m/min), real time quality control

Laser Marking machine

Automatic laser marking machines for food industry

Vibrated surface detection

Quality control Machine with a specifically developed laser system for the identification of the vibrated surface induced by turning. I 4.0 compliant

High precision measurement

Quality control Machine for high precision measurement (10 µm) of axisymmetric components. I 4.0 compliant

Machine for rod and sphere measurement

Quality control machine designed to perform a large number of mesure in object of complex shape (non axysimmetric)

Fully automated assembly line

Handbrush fully automated assembly line, with 5 ton burushless servo press and robotic packaging line

Thermo invariant carbon fiber machine

3 m high and 4 meter wide Machine for quality control in chipboard panel industry, with two axis with thermoivariant centesimal accuracy

Heavy duty automation

Automatic forklift (up to 12 ton) test bench

Assembly line

Brushes for grinder assembly line

Laser Plotter

Large work area (2 m x 5 m) laser plotter with automatic z axis for optical focus optimization

Laser Drilling Machine

Automatic 5 axes laser head for plastic pipe drilling. Special developed cleaning system to ensure pipe perfect cleanliness at the end of the process.